52 rue d'Hautpoul
75019 Paris

E-mail: contact@compagnievoix.com

Compagnie Voix develops projects based on a research of body language within creations mixing choreography with immersive technologies, to place the audience at the heart of the danced experience. Its work focuses on the creation of immersive experiences based on the body in movement, the practice and familiarisation of contemporary dance applied to digital technological devices, the teaching and dissemination of dance and transversal activities. Its creation "Eve, dance is an unplaceable place", produced in collaboration with Omnipresenz, won the Laval Virtual Award Recto VRso Art&VR (France) and the Man Man Er VR Grand Prize at the Kaohsiung Film Festival (Taiwan).

Dance is a tool for dialogue, artistic creation a pivot for development and social openness.

Compagnie Voix is a French association founded in Chalon sur Saône in December 2017. Voix is a member of 1% For the Planet: 1% of our income is donated each year to support French companies that apply a sustainable economy, taking into account social and environmental aspects.

Siret 834 972 796 00033 / TVA FR03 834972796 / NAF APE 90.01Z / Licence d’Entrepreneur de Spectacles Vivants PLATESV-R-2021-001470

The association aims to develop creations in the field of dance and choreography, focusing research on the relationship between dance and other arts, and between dance and information and communication technologies, and robotics. It encourages and supports artistic activities carried out in areas related to research, experimentation, creation, production and dissemination, with applications in teaching, performing arts, audiovisual and new media. We propose to invest our strengths to animate the exchanges between the members and the collaborators, and with other representatives of various fields of artistic, cultural and scientific expression.


Linda Gabbay: president

Laurent Bonnotte: secretary and treasurer

Margherita Bergamo Meneghini: choreographer

Laurent Forest: production manager

Mark Lee: creative producer


Élise Boileau

Camille Chevalier

Benjamin Labruyère


Daniel González-Franco: XR interaction designer

John Desnoyers-Stewart: XR developer

Dale Nichols: composer

Audrey Planchet: photographer and editor

Émilie Léveillé: videographer

Jade Annest: videographer

Julien Mazoyer: videographer

Kirstin Huber: graphic designer

Amira-Sade Moodie: painter

Agnese Riaudo: costume designer

Paloma Bomé: costume designer

Ari Schneider: illustrator

Alice Herbreteau: visual artist

Minh Boutin: digital artist

Thierry Pozzo: researcher

Maria Leon Arraez: producer

Mure Natale: performer

Élise Pautard: performer

Eva Bernaud: performer

Naomi Charlot: performer

Mathilde Allemand: performer

Raphaëlle Renucci: performer

Jenna Beaudoin: performer

Jane Fournier: performer

Nahuel Renaud: performer



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